Ice fishing lures, ice fishing tackle and ice fishing gear.  Lakco ice fishing tackle, darkhouse spearing decoys, spears, chisels, ice fishing rods, jigs and gear.  
Before heading out on the ice or to the darkhouse or spear shack, stop by Tackle the Outdoors for your tackle and gear.

TTO Ice fishing tackle store with lures, tackle and gear. Lakco ice fishing tackle
Darkhouse spearing gear - decoys, spears, chisels

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Ice fishing tackle store with ice fishing lures and gear including ice fishing jigs, skimmers, ice chisels, fishing rods and reels.  Please check out what our customers think of our ice fishing tackle and gear.  


“I buy all of your Lakco Products for ice fishing – I know I am getting what I paid for.”  
Jeff Seeman – Minnesota
Ice fishing first ice with Lakco ice fishing tackle and gear from Tackle The Outdoors.
“We were on Lake of the Woods and your Gaff Hook really rescued us- other Gaff Hooks would have broke under the pressure of this 20 lb Pike but your aluminum Gaff Hook saved the day. “  
Chad Mercy – Canada

Pike taken with a Lakco spear.
Nice pike speared with a Lakco spear.

A Lakco spear worked great for these guys. Pike spearing from their ice fishing shack.
Spearing from the shack worked great.


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We take our ice fishing and ice fishing tackle serious.  All our ice tackle is all name brand and top quality tackle, to give you every advantage possible.  Remember when going ice fishing to Tackle up at Tackle the Outdoors.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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Product List
Spearing decoys
Item code 137
Spearing decoys

Lakco's spearing decoys are made from wood and are perfectly balanced to work right out of the package.  Available in 8" and 6" models with 5 great color patterns to choose from.  Also available with just a primer coat on so you can create your own special pattern. 

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Price $9.99
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