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Buck Alert - Combo
Buck Alert - Combo

Buck Alert Motion Detection System

The Buck Alert System will alert you to animal movement by sending a signal to a hand held receiver.

 Don't get caught with your back to the action!

  • Great for covering blind spots, well traveled trails, and narrow shooting lanes.

  • Works effectively for bow, rifle, or muzzleloader hunters.

  • Season-long battery life.  

The Buck Alert motion detection system allows the hunter to detect movement on any chosen trail or in a particular area. Every hunter has been "busted" by an animal that has gotten too close or surprised by wild game that steps into a shooting lane and then disappears without taking a shot. Now you have the advantage with the Buck Alert. The Buck Alert will alert you to an approaching animal by sending a signal from the motion detector to your hand-held receiver. After receiving the signal, simply position yourself and get ready to take the shot.                                                    






3 Alarm mode options:  Light, Sound or Vibrate (Sound and Vibrate may be turned off completely)



o Receives signals from up to 3 Buck Alert Detectors

o Three alarm modes: light, sound, vibrate (sound and vibrate may be turned off completely)

o Alarm light will alert you until you hit "reset" button. This resets the entire system, in case a second animal is approaching.

o Different color lights (red-yellow-blue) programmable to any Buck Alert Detector (up to 3) to cover three different zones

o Accepts RF signal from Detector up to 330 ft. away

o Convenient carrying clip that attaches to belt, pocket, etc.




















o Detects motion and transmits alarm signal to receiver

o Works with any Buck Alert receiver

o Unit has sensitivity dial to adjust to hunting situation and coverage needed.

o Durable straps will fasten to trees or objects

o Unit has 9 volt battery (not included) and a sleep mode, so it may be left out all hunting season

o Waterproof and lightweight for easy transport

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