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Fishing tackle that works.  Muskie fishing tackle and lures that catch trophy muskies like this.

The products you will find here are some of the most unique, hard to find items on the web.  The manufacturers are small and strive to make their products in the USA, providing a quality that you can trust.  Most of the products are not found in retail stores or on other websites.  People who love the outdoors come to TACKLETHEOUTDOORS.com

Fishing tackle store

Fishing Tackle Store


Ice Fishing 


Planer Boards
Terminal Tackle 

Canoeing and canoe accessories store

Canoe Motor Mounts - Accessories Store 

Check out our NAME BRANDS:  Anglers' Choice, Croxton Ice, Dixie Dancer, Inhaler Musky Headquarters, KMDA, Lakco, Lil Shaker, Opti Tackle, Tackle Tamer, and Vib E Lures.

Inhaler Lures - great muskie fishing lures, muskie tackle

Dixie Dancer Lures - bass, pike and muskie fishing spinner baits

XFactor Lures - buzz baits

Lakco Ice Fishing Outdoors Products

Nimrod Ice Auger Adapter


Big bass catching lures and tackle by name brand tackle companies.

Bass fishing tackle and lures for everyone.


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